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moms who are homeschooling long term

Homeschooling for the LONG HAUL

It's easy to say "let us not become weary in doing good," but how do moms keep from burning out when they're knee-deep in science experiments, dirty diapers, math problems, and a clogged toilet?! For the mom who is wondering whether the call to homeschool was actually a wrong number, Beverly is here to encourage and equip moms to shift from surviving to thriving!

When you’re at an event with Beverly, you’ll find yourself connecting with her on an emotional journey few have ever faced. You’ll be drawn in by her storytelling, laughing and crying along with her and feeling empowered as you walk away with ideas for living the homeschool life to the fullest. Her passion for applying biblical truth to the hard parts of homeschooling will help moms who...

  • are trying to figure out their "why" for homeschooling

  • feel weary and burned out

  • don't feel they are seeing "progress"

  • need to be reminded of their call to homeschool

  • wonder if they're making any difference at all...and if homeschooling is really worth it!



Beverly Jacobson is an Air Force wife and homeschooling mother of 9. From marriage and motherhood to miscarriages and military moves, Beverly spent some years thinking she was getting pretty good at this homeschooling gig and planned to homeschool for the long haul. 

Then came the phone call ​that turned the Jacobsons' lives upside down. When Beverly and her husband learned their 9th baby had Edwards Syndrome, they grieved upon hearing their daughter was not expected to live. But God had other plans...which didn't necessarily seem good at the time. (Who signs up to be the mother of a child with profound disabilities, especially when you don't feel equipped to handle the ones you've already got?!) Yet through the storms, God's faithfulness drew the family closer to His heart. Their experience led Beverly to start a non-profit organization (Verity's Village) and develop a personal ministry to other moms committed to teaching biblical truth to the next generation.

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Beverly has spoken at...

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Homeschooling for the Long Haul

Beverly's keynote speech helps audience members focus on the WHY behind their personal decision to homeschool. Laying a strong foundation for the mission of homeschooling helps families sustain for the long haul, no matter how many children come along or how different reality often is compared to expectations!

Surviving & Thriving in Transition

9 children

4 deployments

9 military moves

13 different addresses 

Beverly is no stranger to change! This workshop gives participants practical ideas for keeping Jesus first throughout the inevitable ebbs and flows of life.

Surviving & Thriving in Crisis

This raw presentation gives audience members a glimpse into the most difficult seasons of the Jacobsons' journey, inviting them to persevere and overcome despite a personal or family crisis.  A bonus takeaway? Learning how to be a better friend and servant to those who are hurting.

“Beverly Jacobson is an engaging, entertaining speaker who willingly invites her audience to accompany her on a journey few have ever faced. She offers the perfect combination of real-world experience and a raw, emotional connection to the subject matter that allows each person listening to enter a new world, learn about tough topics, and walk away with hope and a desire to make a difference.”
Diane Ferraro, CEO,
Save the Storks
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“Beverly Jacobson is a gifted storyteller. She has a way of connecting with her audience that has them laughing and crying right along with her through every high and low, like they’re having a chat over coffee with a good friend.”
Mellisa Blackburn, Executive Director, Yellow Horse Media + Long-time homeschooler
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“Beverly's workshop was a gift to refresh my spirit. I have been homeschooling for 15 years, and she encouraged me to stay rooted. I appreciate her understanding of how real life affects the reality of the homeschool!”
–Wendilee Boden, APHEA Board Member
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